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Title: Energy for our future: a synergetic approach between short-term nuclear fission and long-term nuclear fusion

Speaker: Jean-Marie Noterdaeme

Video: Only avilable on request from

When: 01 Mar 2021, 15:00 (CET)

Hosted by: Tobias

Abstract: Ever wondered how fusion power plants could contribute to keeping our climate change in check? Will they not come too late? We need to provide sufficient energy for the increasing needs of the world population, and at the same time, limit the global temperature rise below 1.5 °C for a livable world. This requires a major effort to de-carbonize our energy supply. Time is running short. A first step would be to require that all new plants need to be carbon-free. Renewables alone (windmills and solar panels) cannot be installed in sufficient quantities on the required time scale to cover the expected additional needs. Small modular nuclear reactors could be the solution. Enough could be built and installed if they are standardized, factory build and licensed - though it will still require a major program. Acceptance for nuclear energy could be increased since these reactors can be made passively safe. The questions of fuel supply and waste management for fission reactors can also be put to rest if nuclear fission energy is seen as a transitional measure on the way to long term fusion energy.

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