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Title: Rethinking licensing and regulations for commercial fusion reactors

Speaker: Patrick White, PhD candidate at MIT

Video: The Talk's video available on YouTube.

When: 30 Jun 2020, 18:00 (CET)

Hosted by: Alexis

Abstract: Successful commercial development of fusion energy will require us to find new ways to license and regulate fusion technology that enables innovative and economically viable designs. Fusion energy will likely have unique safety challenges related to the radioactive tritium used as fuel in most proposed commercial reactors. If we want to develop safe and economically competitive fusion energy, we need to incorporate safety and possible regulatory constraints on fusion technology early in the design process. This talk will discuss the major off-site hazards related to commercial fusion technology, what regulatory tools we can use to demonstrate the safety of fusion technology, and how these regulations could affect the design of future fusion power plan.

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